Who am I?

A question hard to answer for myself. What I know for sure is that I’m a creator! I feel pleasure in creating things and improving my work all the time. As a kid I early started expressing myself through music and art and later, as a nearly grown up, I set my focus in three main scopes:

– Architecture
– Music
– Traditional Arts

But I kept being a nearly grown up, because that’s more fun.


1. Architecture

After spending four years in the Bischöfliches Gymnasium I was ready to do the acceptance test for interior and furniture design at HTL Ortwein Graz, started my own business as a graphicdesigner in 2007 and did my Matura (graduation) in 2009 having the core themes in interior design, architecture as well as woodworking and furniture. I did my community Service with handicapped people, worked as a graphic designer and finally started studying architecture in 2011 at the Technical University in Graz. Beside having two side-jobs and four bands I graduaded as a Bachelor of Science in 2016 and kept going with the masterstudies until this day mostly doing master projects at the Institute of Architecture and Media.


2. Music

I started playing the piano as a little kid. I was talented, but it was boring as hell. That changed when I got my first electric guitar at the age of 14. So I started off with playing classical pieces, the beatles, nirvana on guitar until the music got heavier. With 16 years we founded our first death metal band called „Delirium“ which later turned into „Aphotic Excess“ releasing an EP in 2011 called „Demon of Life„. Being into Black Metal since the very beginning of enjoying heavier music I also started writing music for my very own project in 2011 and entered studio to record my first EP „Rückzug in die Innerlichkeit“ in 2012.

Ellende“ was born. 6 years, 4 releases, 3 label deals and many concerts all over europe later Ellende celebrates its fifth release and third full length in 2019 through AOP Records germany. A whole discography of L.G. can be found under „Music“ on this website, the discography and biography of Ellende on german Wikipedia. The bands website is here: Ellende.at


3. Traditional Arts

Somewhere read on the internet I try to paraphrase with my words:

„The modern avantgarde creates Art that is in the sense of old masters. In a time in that art critiques are out of control and consumers can’t distinguish art from a trash bin anymore the one who achieved skill to paint and mastered old techniques is the real rebell.“