In 2016 „Todbringer“ was released as a special „flower digipack“ limited to 1000 pieces. This oil painting was done for this special kind of digipack we invented.

Todbringer original

Band: Ellende
Albumtitle: Todbringer
Year: 2016

  1. Am Sterbebett der Zeit (01:24) (instrumental)
  2. Ballade auf den Tod (07:45)
  3. Verehrung (07:41)
  4. Scherben (15:01)
  5. Versprochen… (05:13) (instrumental)
  6. Verachtung (07:30)
  7. Am Ende stirbst du allein (05:50)
  8. Wind (acoustic version) (05:57) (instrumental, bonustrack)

Playtime: 56:21

This deathlike creature resembles the acts of mankind as a whole poisoning our environment and ourselves as the blood runs into the rivers and spread into the sea. At the same time it praises the individuum and what one can create. Love and harmony which is the complete opposite. The beauty, the misanthrophy and the death are always parts of Ellende.

oil on canvas 80 x 80cm, 2016



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