In 2013 I finished the artwork of my second selftitled release „Ellende“ and made a charcoal drawing on 2m x 0.9m transparent paper which was released as an 8-panel digipack. Here’s the link to the official Ellende homepage: Ellende official


Band: Ellende
Albumtitle: Ellende
Year: 2013

  1. Wind (07:16)
  2. Berge (07:17)
  3. Aus der Ferne Teil I (04:24) (instrumental)
  4. Feuer (08:26)
  5. Meer (07:14)
  6. Aus der Ferne Teil II (08:25)

Playtime: 43:02

The concept behind this album and artwork are the four titles „Wind“ (wind), „Berge“ (mountains), „Feuer“ (fire) and „Meer“ (sea) and each panel of the digipack has one square with each topic blended in one picture. This digipack was limited to 1000 pieces and is sold out.

Charcoal on transparent canvas 200 x 90cm, 2013



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