Rückzug in die Innerlichkeit Artwork

Artwork „Rückzug in die Innerlichkeit“ Re-Release

The artworks are high quality paintings from the original photos used on the EP in 2012 and done by L.G. himself. This is an unpopulated place in Styria, Austria which had special feeling and remembrances the artist wanted to capture. This special release will be available as limited Gatefold vinyl in two colors and a limited

City Library – Dornbrin

  Third Masterproject made at the Institute of Spatial Design at the technical university Graz. Dornbirn is located at the very western part of austria and this project included an elaborate examination of artificial and non-artificial lightsources in the building which were build as an 1:50 model including LED light sources. This project has an

Artwork „Todbringer“

In 2016 „Todbringer“ was released as a special „flower digipack“ limited to 1000 pieces. This oil painting was done for this special kind of digipack we invented. Band: Ellende Albumtitle: Todbringer Year: 2016 Tracklist: Am Sterbebett der Zeit (01:24) (instrumental) Ballade auf den Tod (07:45) Verehrung (07:41) Scherben (15:01) Versprochen… (05:13) (instrumental) Verachtung (07:30) Am Ende stirbst

Artwork „Ellende“

In 2013 I finished the artwork of my second selftitled release „Ellende“ and made a charcoal drawing on 2m x 0.9m transparent paper which was released as an 8-panel digipack. Here’s the link to the official Ellende homepage: Ellende official   Band: Ellende Albumtitle: Ellende Year: 2013 Tracklist: Wind (07:16) Berge (07:17) Aus der Ferne Teil

LG - infill center01

Infill Center – Graz

Done in 2015 at the Institut of Spatial Design at the technical university Graz this building lot was designed to offer a solution which can smoothly integrate into the existing structure without obtruding. A building that is made for the community and cohabitation. It was important to open the axis to the other side and